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Caesars Palace

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Ghana – Kasoa

Caesars Palace Guest House

The Caesars Palace Guest House is ideal for families, big undertakings and a meeting point for international and local people. There you can see the wonderful site of ghana. A visit to our tropical natures for the orders, who want to have a beach holiday also.

Caesars Palace offers five bedroom apartments with double beds.
Siehe: Wikipedia über Ghana
Länder- und Reiseiformationen des Auswärtigen Amtes

You can rent :
• Bicycles (more tha 20) • 2 motobikes • 2 cars.

Caesars Palace Guest House offers modern comfort with chilled rooms in a peaceful environment. You will find a common kitchen with with modern and african equipment for self-catering.
We also prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a vegetarian, european or traditional african way.

The compound
You will find many new buildings in the compund, coconut palms, shadow trees and other plants. Its surrounded by e fence wall und you can have shelterd sunbathes. From the rooftop you have a nice view to the town and a nice chilling breeze from the seaside. The House of Music belongs to the compund (see Caesars Palace Programm)

Caesars Palace Front